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How it works

To become a franchisee, the process is simple, and the investment is small.  Once a location is determined, you will need to purchase the essentials.  Counter, computer & POS, rails to hang the garments...etc.  Here's the best part.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY ANY DRY CLEANING EQUIPMENT!  

Our plant does all of the work.  We charge a flat 50% of sales as our wholesale rate.  You will be trained at our Kingston, NY location.  We will give you the insight on a successful, full dry cleaning operation.  Our trucks will provide the transportation of the garments.  We pick up, and drop off.  You will be responsible to maintain the counter, or hire a staff to do so.  If you choose to use the Scanlon's Family of Cleaners name, you will be included in our marketing.  If you would like to operate under your own identity, you will be responsible for your own marketing.  We charge a flat $25k for the training and set-up fee.  This will include your computer and POS.  You will be responsible for all other materials (estimated $5k-10k).  For further inquiries, use the contact page and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Be Your Own Boss

Start your own dry cleaning shop.  At the beginning of the recession, Forbes listed dry cleaners as a recession proof business.  There will always be a need for dry cleaners.  If you have been looking to start your own business, get out of corporate America, and make a living for yourself, this is an affordable way to do it.  

What we offer, is the means to be your own boss.  Our team will help you find a location by conducting market research, train you and give you the tools to train your staff, and leave you with the peace of mind to be successful.