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Pick-Up and Delivery

The most daunting part of having your rugs cleaned is the process of lugging them in and out of the store.  Let us handle that for you.  We will come within a 10 mile radius of any of our stores to pick up your area rug for cleaning.  

Our dry cleaners are located in:

  • Kingston
  • West Hurley
  • Rhinebeck
  • Red Hook

We will go further than our scope for larger area rugs, or for multiple rugs.

Cleaning your area rugs

We debated for years whether or not to clean area rugs.  The unpredictable dyes, the condition of the backing, among other things make it a challenge to develop the right cleaning method.  The end result... Have multiple methods of cleaning!  Every rug is different.  Oriental rugs cannot be treated the way a braided rug is cleaned.  

We have three methods:

  • Dry cleaned in our commercial machine.
  • Cleaned by hand using our portable dry cleaning machine.
  • Laid out and cleaned using a commercial rug cleaner.

Each rug is carefully examined by one of our owners, and we determine our best recommendation, and carry on with the job.  If we have any concerns with cleaning your area rug, we will certainly call you right away and discuss a proper course of action.